PROJAM 5 is a 'personal taste mod' created for Alien vs Predator 2. As such, we created this final installment to suit our personal taste. We release this mod, as is, without support, or any other post-release patch changes.

This online readme only covers documentation regarding the many changes we made to the game. There is a separate FULL PDF readme included with the mod that also covers terms of use, known issues and detailed installation instructions. You can download the mod and all included documentation by clicking this link: PROJAM 5 DOWNLOAD

"It is mission critical that we review the intelligence command has prepared for us before going planet-side, Marine. So you had best sit your ass down, zip it and standby for SITREP! Your survival may depend on this data..."

-Major McCain





Many visual effects have been imported from previous incarnations of PROJAM and many have been improved upon. Many new visual effects have also been created whenever we came across something we felt could have been improved. Like previous PROJAM mods, every projectile that strikes an object and/or surface will create an impact effect. These impacts can consist of light emission, dust, smoke, fragmentation debris, surface scoring, bullets tracers, bullet ricochet sparks, screen shaking, shock waves, water ripples, water splashes and impact sound effects to greatly enhance the overall visual minutia of the game. We've also created some improved gib/gore effects to improve combat, and we created much better/more destroyable objects, exploding barrels, computers, screens, etc.


Many sound effects have been imported from previous incarnations of PROJAM and many have been improved upon. Like some of our new visual effects, we also created higher quality sound effects for those we found wanting. Like previous incarnations of PROJAM, these sound effects will enhance many aspects of the game. This includes sounds for in-game menus, interface, characters, weaponry, voice-over dialog, ambiance, events, music and much, much more.


We re-created our own take on the artificial intelligence system MU-TH-UR/Mother, and she can speak throughout the game with a new voice personality. In addition, all dialog performed by Combat Synths have been re-done in a new, deeper, more robotic sounding voice. These new lines of dialog also include those spoken by combat synths during cut scenes.

We also replaced Dimitri's dialog at the beginning of the Alien's chapter 'Vengeance' so he sounds Russian. We felt that Primal Hunt's Dimitri voice was far more fitting to the character, and so Mr. Grizzly voice acted the lines to match. This new voice-over helps to establish a sense of continuity between Dimitri in AVP2, and Dimitri in Primal Hunt. This is yet another one of those countless 'little things' we were compelled to correct in this PT version of the mod.


We've also created a new high-definition character graphic skin overhaul for PROJAM 5. This overhaul includes first / third person weaponry, and numerous character skins. An overwhelming amount of time and energy was invested in the creation of this extremely detailed overhaul by our graphic artist, Phil 'Mr. Grizzly' Olsen. We believe it was well worth his efforts to update PROJAM to take advantage of the unprecedented power offered modern graphics hardware. All of the characters have been re-skinned in high resolution with great attention to detail.


Many visual environmental and audio changes have been made to the world such as tree skins, green grass, blue water, etc. In addition, the green skies and green tinted filters in day time jungle area have all been replaced with blue skies and blue tint. The orbital view of the LV-1201 itself has been re-skinned to better match the dark gray hurricane swept skies and that cover a good portion of the planet's surface during the night. These subtle changes effect how the world appears – especially during the first two Predator missions. Many atmospheric sounds have also been replaced to sprinkle a little spice on familiar places.


Our resident 3D modeler / animator, RR_DF_RaptorRed, has created new custom content for PROJAM 5. This includes unique special attachments, weapons and other models that greatly enhance the PROJAM 5 experience. Red is an amazing 3D modeler, and we are very appreciative of her efforts to bring PROJAM 5 to the next level!


New, simpler menus have been added and the multiplayer menu option has been removed. PROJAM 5 is a single player modification.


PROJAM 5 is single player modification only. The campaigns have been improved greatly over the vanilla game and combat AI has been almost completely overhauled. AI weapons deal less or more damage, and have less or more health depending upon your chosen difficulty level. This modification makes the game significantly harder than the vanilla game. It is highly recommended that you play on Easy or Normal Difficulty on your first playthrough.


AI controlled human enemies have been modified extensively. AI controlled pulse rifles now fire in short, controlled 3-round bursts. AI pulse rifles can also now occasionally fire fragmentation grenades. AI smart guns now fire 5-round bursts, and have a shorter delay between them – which makes them more dangerous. AI Sentry Guns fire as fast as they do in Aliens director's cut, and are very dangerous. It's highly recommended that you avoid their detection radius, find alternate routes around them or destroy their power / control terminals.

AI equipped with a Rocket Launcher can fire 3 shots before reloading, and can fire them with improved tracking enabled. AI fired rockets also travel at high speed velocity, making them near impossible to dodge. AI rockets deal significantly less damage than the player's, but like all of our new AI weapons, their damage scales dramatically on harder difficulty levels. You should prioritize this enemy.

The AI Shotgun has been replaced by the Flame Thrower. The AI Minigun has been replaced by the Smart gun. The AI Grenade Launcher and Rail Guns have been replaced by SADAR(s). All pickups have been modified throughout the game to match.


AI Combat Synths can now hear and spot enemies better than humans. They have motion tracking, night vision, thermal vision built into their sensory suite, and even can see cloaked predators at medium range. Combat synths are about as tough as a human soldier but take half damage from pulse rifles, claws, blades, fire, and explosive splash damage.


Single player Light, Classic, Mohawk and Heavy Predators have been replaced with PROJAM Predators. Predator AI can also now utilize our new wristblades, net launcher, shurikens, shoulder cannon, and hand cannon. Predators are rare enemy encounters in single player and deal significant damage. They're also have much more health than a player controlled Predator, and they take half damage from pulse rifles, claws, blades, fire, and explosive splash damage.

The superior DNA of the predator is exceptionally potent when consumed by Xenomorphs. Claw attacks and head-bites on predator corpses will restore 250% more health than a human. This will be especially important to Xenomorph players during the final fight of the Alien campaign on harder difficulties. After you kill the first Predator, quickly headbite and claw his corpse as much as possible before the next Predator jumps down and begins combat.


AI Drones, Predaliens and Praetorians can now attack with claws, headbite, tailwhip, and pounce. In addition, Drones no longer crouch-paw at players with a single hand, they will stand upright and rapidly rend you to pieces using both hands. Predaliens, Praetorians and Queens now have more health and and take half damage from pulse rifles, claws, blades, fire, and explosive splash damage.


AI controlled Exosuits now utilize the new PIG, miniguns and multiple rocket launch system. AI controlled Exosuits have a new tinted, bullet-resistant windshield, which now makes it impossible to headshot or headbite the operator. AI Exosuits are much more powerful than the standard game ever were. They have far more health and take half damage from pulse rifles, claws, blades, fire, and explosive splash damage. Exosuits now explode when they die in a plume of fire and scrap metal.


Non-PROP APCS now have functional front and top turrets that track and fire upon enemies in support of Harrison. Usually APCs like these are map specific, and there are a couple different times in the single player campaign where you will see these in action. The APC's forward miniguns have new firing sounds and world impact visual FX. The miniguns and big turrets will turn to fire upon any enemy in range, and their range has been increased by a factor of 12. The APC's big turret now fires mortar rounds at approximately 60 rounds per minute. These mortar cannons deal a direct damage and explosive splash damage. Damage from both turrets now scale with difficulty. If you're playing as a Predator, you may encounter moments where you could potentially get fired upon by an occupied APC assuming you attack it, or others around it while in visual range. The Predator mission 'Trap' is a good example of this. We wouldn't suggest purposely pissing it off though. The APC also has new vehicle engine and general operation sounds complete with air breaks, suspension creaking, gravel crunching tires, etc. We also made new skins for the USCM and Corporate APCs.


The Shotgun, Grenade Launcher, Minigun and Railgun are no longer available.


The night vision monocular eyepiece allows you to see in the dark. New sounds and a vision overlay have been created to mimic Harrison's drop down visor in the single player menu.


The Shoulder Lamp is a standard issue tool to illuminate your surroundings.


Flares act as a light source to help illuminate dark areas of the map. Flares now create a much more movie accurate reddish-pink light instead of white and smoke trail effects have been integrated into the projectile. New sounds have been created for Flares so they have better ignition and burn out effects. A flare will illuminate an area 30 feet in diameter. A flare will burn for 15 seconds and a maximum of 20 flares can be carried at once. Flares can also be found much more frequently throughout the Marine campaign, so you don't need to worry about saving them. If you can't see very well, throw a flare to provide additional light.


The KA-BAR Knife is a tool more than a weapon, but a tool that is both precise and lethal in the hands of a Colonial Marine. The knife's primary fire is fast, and deals light damage in a double-horizontal slash pattern. We created a new alternate fire double-stab attack that is slower, but can decapitate a light armored enemy. The knife's reach has been decreased from the vanilla game, and CQC is now a bit more CQC. New sounds have been created for the KA-BAR Knife.


The M4A4 Magnum Pistol can no longer change ammo types, and is now chambered for the M4501 (A .45 Caliber WIN MAG variant of the M901 9mm) armor penetrating cartridge. This cartridge consists of a subcaliber metal core encased in a high-impact resin bullet. Upon impact, the resin case breaks apart, allowing the core to penetrate the target's armor, and then deliver severe damage to the target itself.

The Magnum's spread is twice that of the vanilla Pistol, making it best used against close to medium range targets. New sounds have been created for the Magnum (some made from our own pistols), while the fire sound is a high fidelity recreation of a classic silver screen magnum.

The magnum will now produce barrel smoke, a larger muzzle flash, new .45 WIN MAG shell casings and classic PROJAM world impact effects. A new crosshair reticle has also been created for the Magnum to make aiming more intuitive.


The M41A Pulse Rifle is the standard issue assault weapon for the Marines. It now fires light armor piercing bullets that explode on impact. The Pulse Rifle no longer fires in full auto, but has a new 3-round burst fire mode that occurs when tapping or holding down the fire button. There is a brief delay before another burst can be performed again, and each burst will modulate the firing sound randomly for a more immersive silver screen Pulse Rifle experience.

The Pulse Rifle is also equipped with an under-barrel 30mm pump action grenade launcher that now fires fragmentation grenades. These grenades are very effective against light armored targets, and have an 8 meter kill radius against Humans and Drones. Use caution and try not to fire these grenades up close.

In order to maintain game-play balance versus tougher targets such as a Combat Synth, Exosuit, Predator, Predalien, Praetorian and Queen, the Pulse Rifle's light armor piercing round and fragmentation grenades will deal half their damage against these enemies. New firing sounds have been created for the Pulse Rifle and firing one will now produce barrel smoke, muzzle flash and improved PROJAM world impact effects. A new crosshair reticle has been created for the Pulse Rifle to make aiming more intuitive.


The M56 Smart Gun has been redesigned to replace the Minigun for use against heavily armored targets such as Combat Synths, Exosuits, Predators, Predaliens, Praetorians and Queens. It now fires heavy armor piercing bullets that explode on impact. The Smartgun no longer fires in full auto, but has a new 5-round burst fire mode that occurs when tapping or holding down the fire button. There is a brief delay before another burst can be performed again, and each burst will modulate the firing sound randomly for a more immersive silver screen Smartgun experience. The Smart Gun's stabilized mount and operator harness absorbs any recoil generated during fire so muzzle climb while moving is non-existent. This weapon was intended to be used with tracking enabled but it can be used in free-fire mode as well.

The Smartgun can now be reloaded, has new reload sounds, a functional reload animation and can carry 200 rounds per drum. The player can now carry a max of 3 drums for this weapon. The Smartgun was intended to be used against heavily armored targets, and as such, heavy targets do not receive any damage mitigation against this weapon. The Smartgun's explosive impact effects are larger and meaner than the Pulse Rifle.

The Smartgun is also no longer limited to a walking pace. Jenette Goldstein (Vasquez) was a petite 5'3” woman in Aliens. If she could run while using a Smartgun, so can you. In addition the aforementioned changes, we have also created a new smart gun targeting interface for added flavor. This new interface provides some cool factor and emphasizes the smart technology behind this weapon's autonomous aim features. New firing sounds have been created for the Smartgun, and firing one will now produce barrel smoke, muzzle flash and improved PROJAM world impact effects.


The Flame Thrower (for our mod) uses propane fuel instead of napalm stored under pressure and ignited by a nozzle burner. Unlike previous PROJAM versions and AVP in general, The Flame Thrower no longer causes targets to burn for additional damage over time. The Flame Thrower's rate of fire has been doubled and it now deals moderate direct and area effect damage, which can also cause grievous injury or death to the person firing it if used too close.

The Flame Thrower is very useful for hitting multiple targets simultaneously, but was intended to be used in short bursts while back-peddling in a sweep pattern. The Flame Thrower also has a new reload animation and new reload sound. The player can now carry 4 small (camping sized) propane canisters that store 100 fuel per canister, for a maximum of 400 total fuel.


The M-6B Rocket Launcher's now only has a single mode of fire. The M-6B now utilizes hyper-velocity, intelligent anti-tank rockets that cause severe direct impact and splash damage in a 1 meter blast radius. The M-6B's was intended to be used against heavily armored targets such as Combat Synths, Exosuits, Predators, Predaliens, Praetorians and Queens. 3 heavy armor piercing rockets can be fired from each loaded tube. You can carry a maximum of 4 tubes.

New sounds and visual effects have been created for the M-6B. We also created a new smart targeting cursor for cool-factor and improved targeting similar to the Smartgun. HIMAT rockets also travel through the air at a much higher velocity than the vanilla game. However. The delay between each rocket launched has been increased by a factor of 2.


The AI deployable Sentry Gun and building integrated Sentry Gun variants are extremely effective, automated defense turrets that fire our new heavy armor piercing, high explosive rounds. Sentry Guns fire in full auto at 1100 rounds per minute.

POD Defense Turrets are now twin minigun turrets with new models, textures, firing characteristics and sounds. You will encounter these turrets outside POD 5 during the Predator Interloper Mission.

Minigun sentry turrets have very loud klaxon alarms, which will cause any nearby AI patrolling the ground level perimeter fence of POD 5 to converge on the turret's location. New sounds have been created for each Sentry Gun type, and they now produce barrel smoke, muzzle flash and improved PROJAM world impact effects.


Health kits are small satchels of emergency medical supplies found throughout the Marine campaign. Health Kits now provide 300% more healing. Harrison's maximum health pool is 100, and you can't extend health beyond that value. However, you can use a single kit multiple times to recover lost health. Once a kit is depleted, it will disappear. Every time Harrison uses a health kit, he essentially unzips the satchel, removes a single morphine syringe and injects himself to heal. Remember where you saw health kits so you can backtrack if needed. Healing is important – especially on harder difficulty levels. You will be a strung out morphine junkie by the time you get off that planet. IF you get off at all...


Armor kits are small satchels of M3 ballistic plates and repair tools found throughout the Marine campaign. Armor Kits now provide 300% more armor. Harrison's maximum armor pool is 200, and you can't extend armor beyond that value. However, you can use a single kit multiple times to repair ruined armor. Once a kit is depleted, it will disappear. Every time Harrison uses a armor kit, he essentially unzips the satchel, removes a ballistic plate, and inserts it in his M3 armor carrier. Remember where you saw armor kits so you can backtrack if needed. Armor is just as important as health as it is a buffer between you and an untimely demise.


The Exosuit is an immensely effective powered armor suit and has been modified for maximum destruction. The Exosuit is armed with twin RE-700 20mm Gatling Cannons, a self-loading, semi-automatic rocket launcher system, and a heavily modified, vehicle-mounted phased plasma infantry gun (PIG). The Exosuit is a great deal stronger than the one used in the vanilla campaign, but it moves much slower, and is limited to a walking-pace. The Exosuit has more health and and takes half damage from pulse rifles, claws, blades, fire, and explosive splash damage.

Although super heavy and slow, the Exosuit now has rocket powered jump jets. Standard jumps will propel the Exosuit about 20 feet off the ground. Spring jumping while moving forward will propel the Exosuit about a hundred yards in a chosen direction. The Exosuit is powered by on-board rechargeable power cells to operate. Walking won't consume any energy, but using the jump jets will consume a lot. Batteries can only be recharged when the Exosuit remains in a stationary position. When operating in low power mode, the Exosuit will move at half it's normal walking speed. Remember to stop and recharge your power when you see it has been depleted.

In the original game, the Exosuit miniguns used a rapid fire sound loop to create the illusion of firing very fast but the reality is that the miniguns only fired at about 600 rounds per minute, and only fired rounds from one of the miniguns. Unlike the vanilla Exosuit, both miniguns now fire at 1080 rounds per minute for a concurrent total of 2160 rounds per minute. The miniguns now produce TWO muzzle flash flares, and each minigun now has a 900 round capacity, for a collective total of 1800 rounds of blazing fury.

In addition, the miniguns no longer spins up or down, so you can fire them immediately. Minigun spin up and spin down effects in video games are always dreadfully slow, whereas an actual minigun spins up and down almost instantaneous. The miniguns now also fire significantly larger 20mm conventional armor piercing rounds, and newly created shell casings spew out of the ejection port in a storm of black chain link-banded brass coffin nails.

The Flamethrower and Laser have been replaced with an M78 phased plasma infantry gun, or 'PIG'. The gun itself is a 15 mW phased-plasma system that fires vaporized cadmium telluride pellets from a 180-round feed. The PIG is a devastating single target weapon that is highly effective against light and heavily armored targets. It uses a new plasma energy ammo displayed as a lightning bolt icon in the Exosuit's HUD, and also has an autonomous target acquisition interface.

The Exosuit's multiple missile launch system is also much more powerful than ever before. Rocket velocity has been increased by 100%, and their explosions cause severe area effect damage over a much larger area. New explosion effects were created for the rockets, and each rocket can be loaded and fired 100% faster than the original. With all these changes, the Exosuit is an absolute engine of wanton destruction, and since you only get to play it once, and encounter it as an enemy twice, we felt it was perfectly acceptable to make it as savage as possible!


We have created a new Laser Designator item, which can be used to mark coordinates on the map for bombardment. The USS Verloc orbits LV-1201 where Beta Section remains stationed. By using the laser designator, Harrison can communicate coordinate telemetry to the Verloc, and MU-TH-UR can nuke the targeted location from orbit. This results in the complete and utter decimation of any enemy within the blast area in a fantastic display of state of the art USCM firepower.

The Orbital Strike has a 40 meter blast radius so only use it from a safe distance, and when the enemy has not spotted you yet. Communication from the Verloc is heard only by you via your headset, and the Designator itself is silent when used. This essentially means you can Starcraft 'GHOST' it to bomb the enemy from stealth. New visual effects and sounds have been created for the laser designator. You can only carry one power cell for this device at a time and they are only good for a single use. Power cell pickups can be obtained whenever you find rocket ammo.



The player Facehugger, Chestburster and Drone are now playable as they are meant to be played. The Xenomorph is an 'ambush predator'. To be clear: Ambush predators are stalkers, sit-and-wait predators, and are carnivorous animals that capture or trap prey by stealth or by strategy. While the Xenomorph is a very powerful organism capable of treating marines like cans of spam, their true strength lies in their ability to stealthily traverse their environment, conceal themselves in the dark and strike from the shadows to catch a victim by surprise.

Instead of wall-walking at sprinting speeds, Drones now wall-walk much slower. This was re-designed to promote a methodical stealth game-play focus. Drones can run quickly on two legs if they need to sprint over great distances to engage in melee combat. They can also pounce to close the distance between themselves and their target.

Human AI will have much more difficulty hearing a crouched alien from behind, and a little more difficulty seeing a crouched alien in the dark. Try to wall climb around behind enemies and use your tail to kill them. You can also pounce if you get spotted. If enemies become aware of your presence, their ability to hear you is multiplied by a factor of 2, and so does their combat response time. Sneaking will become less effective against them in this temporary alert state. You can try to evade, hide and re-engage them when they drop their guard, or you can risk a full frontal assault and get utterly wasted on harder difficulties.


It's best to try and take down an enemy before they can shoot you by sneaking up on them. Certain enemies like Combat Synths and Predators, can see you in any light condition so be hostile and engage those enemies as fast and furiously as possible. Just remember your claws are the most powerful melee weapons in the game.


Drones's field of vision has much more fish-eye effect, and is now rendered in 1080p resolution. It definitely feels Alien, but it might feel disorienting to some. RRDF_RAPTORRED preferred this FOV, and since this mod was made for our team, it was important that her desires be met. We also created a new infrasonic-style hunting vision overlay that has illusory lighting effects that pulse across the surfaces of a map towards the player. It was supposed to feel like echo-location, but on this old engine, we were limited on how complex this effect could be.


The Facehugger movement and footstep sounds have been greatly improved, and tail-whipping sounds have been added to their pounce attack. Facehugger AI now have a trill and chattering sound when they spot a victim, and will skitter across the ground like spider-crabs. You can now hear about 4-6 little skittering foot steps per single step so they feel a whole hell of a lot more creepy than ever before!


The Predalien now has a new spiked head crest/crown with new dreadlocks sprouting out from the sides of the head. We wanted to make the Predalien's head look a bit more like the AVP: Requiem movie version. The Predalien now gains an armored carapace and is significantly tougher than a Drone. The Predalien no longer has the fleshy look seen in vanilla AvP 2. She has been re-skinned to match the rest of her brood, and she is a terrifying sight to behold indeed!


The Claw attack is the mainstay of the Alien's offensive abilities. The Xenomorph's great physical strength, resilient exoskeleton and razor-sharp talons allow the creature to scar steel bulkheads without incurring any semblance of injury. A Marine is canned spam by comparison. Claw attacks can be used to rend and consume human or predator corpses to restore the health. This will heal a portion of health with every attack until every large piece of a corpse is completely destroyed. Corpses will fade from the world fairly fast. Be sure to claw them!


The head-bite is an immensely powerful, one-hit kill attack that will restore a significant amount of health to an injured Alien. Synthetics, Masked Predators and Exosuit Pilots can't be head-bitten. Healing is important – and you will be especially grateful for bite-sized head snacks on harder difficulty levels!


The Tail-whip attack is akin to impaling prey with a spear. Tail attacks are no longer non-lethal stuns but are vicious stingers of death! Tail attacks will inflict greater damage the longer you charge them up. Tail attacks are a power attack, plain and simple. Use them for stealth attack one shot kills against humans, and for inflicting fierce damage against pounce-stunned Predators.


The pounce ability allows you to quickly close the distance to your target. This ability will also stun enemies for a short time, allowing you to follow up with other attacks. Pounce is a crucial attack against a Predator. Use it often...


The Predator Pistol, Spear Gun and Remote Bombs are no longer available.


The laser targeting recticle has been remade to match the newer triangle from the AvP movie. However. The targeting interface sounds only slightly changed from PROJAM 4 as our original, classic predator sounds were awesome enough to stand the test of time. We have also added new clicking sounds for vision modes to provide an improved silver-screen feel to the hunting experience. When cloaked and actively using a vision mode, an onscreen visor overlay will appear for extra cool factor.


The playable Predator now takes half damage from blades, claws, pulse rifles fire and explosive splash damage. His health has also been modified to make him a bit more silver screen tough. Due to the Predator's large frame and weight, his movements like foot steps and landings are louder. AI enemies will also notice the shimmering effect of his cloaking technology from further away. Crouch-walking will reduce the sound of a Predator's movements, but running around while cloaked can give away your position, and AI will notice you faster.


The Medicomp has not been changed from the default game. It uses the same amount of energy and causes you to walk while using it. The fact that the Predator can heal anytime at the cost of energy is aid enough. He's already tougher than
the other three playable characters. In addition, using the Medicomp or Energy Sift Device will alert any nearby enemies to your general location.


The Self Destruct Device was included in this final version of the mod because it would have felt incomplete without it. The self destruct feature is mostly just for fun, in that, if you're about to die anyways, you can still get the 'last laugh'. Unlike the movies, our self destruct sequence is very quick in order to ensure it activates before you die. It can be used in situations when you have no energy left to heal, or for when you are dying so quickly that you know you won't be able to use the Medicomp in time. To use this device, simply press the #7 key (default) to select it, and then click primary fire to detonate the bomb.

We had originally created a couple of different spectacular visual effects for this device's explosion, however, they did not translate well during a first person death scene. We have instead created a much more artistic first person explosion effect that clouds the player's view after a massive flash so when the camera pans around your corpse, you see nothing but the smoke caused by the wide spread destruction of your suicide bombing. Rest assured though, when this explosion is triggered, anything that was attacking you will be utterly destroyed. The damage and blast radius of the Self Destruct device is such that no enemy will be left standing in the entire map. Truly, you will have the last laugh.


The Cloaking Device is not as effective against humans as it was in the original game. You used to be able to stand still in front of a human while cloaked, and they would take a long time to see you. Now, humans will notice the shimmer of your cloaking field from further away, and will be able to detect you much faster depending on how far you're are away. Running while cloaked near an unaware human will cause them to investigate the sound, and they will detect you quicker. The Predator's active camouflage was fairly easy to spot in the first two films, and these changes will provide a little more silver screen accuracy as to how easily a Predator is to spot within 10 yards or so during combat.


The Wristblades have a brand new model and animations based on Scar's blades from the Alien Vs. Predator movie. This means they are much larger and deadlier than the standard Wristblades. The Wristblades are now a single target focused weapon, and like vanilla AVP 2, they deliver quick but powerful jab attacks with primary fire. Jab attacks do not penetrate heavy armor but they do deal severe
damage to most targets. Alt-fire delivers a devastating, heavy armor penetrating charge up attack. If you're going to melee against heavily armored targets such as Praetorians, Queens or Exosuits, these blades are both honorable and deadly.


The new Glaive (Spear) is a 100% original weapon model with an original skin, and original attack animations that give it more of a Predator martial arts feel. The Glaive is tipped with wide, flat blades that are used to scythe and cut through enemies. As a result, its use dictates a different, more elaborate set of moves to harness its true potential, with flowing, almost dance-like movements required to ensure the heavy, bladed tips slice through the air with constant momentum. The Glaive is a very powerful weapon, able to cut clean through a human torso in the hands of a skilled operator.

The Glaive's primary fire activates one of three different spinning flourish attacks that deal moderate damage but cleave through multiple light armored targets simultaneously. This attack was designed to be used while moving and aiming to hit the most targets grouped in front of you at once. Primary fire is a very effective AoE blender attack that sprays a lot of blood, guts, entrails and appendages all over the freakin' screen. You're going to need a mop after using this thing.

The Glaive's alternate fire will activate a deadly single target stabbing attack. This attack deals severe damage and can be combined with a spring jump to perform wickedly fun aerial attack combos with a little bit of practice. Heavily armored targets take half damage from all Glaive attacks. New sounds have been created for the Glaive, and wielding it makes you feel like a true warrior! Using the Glaive forces you to walk and will deactivate your cloaking device.


The Net Launcher is no longer a hand-held gun but is now an add-on device that can be acquired and affixed to the Predator's gauntlet. The Net Launcher remains a utilitarian capture tool to subdue targets. Nets can be escaped by cutting or clawing out of them. The predator can carry a maximum of 27 nets in their inventory. The Net Launcher has new sounds that were created from scratch as the sound effect from Predator 2 was too low quality to use for this update.


The Shuriken replaces the Chakram (Smart Disc) in PROJAM 5. We have created brand new sounds and visual effects for the Shuriken. The Shuriken will kill any light armored target such as Humans or Drones but is less effective against heavily armored targets such as Exosuits, Praetorians and Queens. It still tracks targets but this has less to do with technology and more to do with the fact that it is giant bladed boomerang, and the Predator would know how to curve towards their intended target. Since the player can't manually curve the shuriken during flight themselves, allowing it to track was the only possible option to ensure it did. The Shuriken does not use energy to recall, so use it as often as you like.


The PROJAM 5 Shoulder Cannon has been redesigned to kill any light armored target in the game with a single shot. For balance purposes, the Shoulder Cannon will no longer be as effective against heavily armored targets such as Exosuits, Predaliens, Praetorians, Queens, etc.

The Shoulder Cannon can no longer tap-fire plasma bolts. Every shot requires a 1.3 second charge up timer and the firing key must be held in place for the full duration before the cannon will fire. The Shoulder Cannon's tracking technology will automatically acquire targets with the appropriate vision mode, and bolts will fly toward the target. It does not strike with unerring accuracy, so it's best used at short range. The Shoulder Cannon is a powerful, situational ranged weapon, ideal for killing one target at a time. It can also be fired while cloaked.


The Hand Cannon is a powerful, hand-held, large bore variant of the standard shoulder cannon. It is much larger than the traditional shoulder mounted variety and is held much like a shotgun in the hands of a Predator. It is modeled after Scar's shoulder cannon from the AVP movie but has a pistol grip modification like the one used by Wolf in AVP Requiem. The Hand Cannon has a 1.4 second charging delay before it can fire but you can move freely during the delay. This weapon was intended to be used as a powerful ranged option against heavily armored targets such as Exosuits, Predaliens, Praetorians, Queens, etc.

Unlike the Shoulder Cannon, The Hand Cannon fires a much larger, greatly accelerated plasma bolt that deals severe direct impact and splash damage in a 1 meter blast radius. The Hand Cannon was intended to be used against heavily armored targets such as Combat Synths, Exosuits, Predaliens, Praetorians and Queens. The Hand Cannon costs more energy than the shoulder cannon to fire so you will have fewer shots between sifting. You also need to score a direct hit to be effective, and your shot must be manually aimed. New models, projectiles, animations, sounds and visual effects have been created for the Hand Cannon.


Jonathan 'Syntaxx Seven' Velasquez
Phil 'Mr. Grizzly' Olsen
Alana 'RR_DF_RaptorRed' K.

Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Fox Interactive
Brandywine Production, Inc
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Predator 2
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Legends of the Saga
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Thanks to all of the filmmakers, musicians, technicians, game developers, actors and storytellers who created, and or contributed to, the legend.

I would like to thank all the talented texture artists that worked on AvP2, Primal Hunt, AvP 2010 and Aliens: Colonial Marines. I was inspired by your hard work and often sampled bits and pieces of your amazing textures to help build upon my own and add a sense of continuity to the world. Your amazing skills pushed me to up my game for Primal Projam and PROJAM 5.

I would like to thank Phil and Alana for all the hard work they put in to help me weave these final mod releases together. They provided me critical feedback, counsel, inspiration and encouragement whenever I needed it, and they exceeded my every request for original skin work, texture art, models, animations, Etc. I am very proud to have been able to work with these exceptionally talented individuals! I would also like to thank all of the video game developers, movies makers and comic/novel authors who made the AvP universe what it is. Saving the best for last, I would like to extend a special thanks to everyone in the AVP 2 community who enjoyed the old PROJAM releases over the last eighteen years! May these final release mods sate your AvP2 PROJAM nostalgia for many long years to come!

I would like to thank both Jonny and Phil for allowing me to join this awesome team. It was a pleasure to be able to go back to this game after many, many years and add in new models and animations with the knowledge I have acquired since I stopped playing and modding it. I would also like to second thanking everyone involved in all previous AvP-related media, but perhaps especially the writers of the novels/comics, as some of them really gave me the inspiration for the feel for some of the new predator weapon animations. Finally, I feel the need to thank everyone in the AvP community, back in the day and now, fellow modders and players both. Modding games was my sanctuary during my high school days, and knowing that there were people out there who enjoyed my work, or fellow modders that I could collaborate with and/or help with their work, gave me a needed creative outlet and kept me seeking to improve my skills over the years.