I cannot believe AvP 2 was released October 22, 2001 and here we are in 2021 getting ready to release the latest (and final) PROJAM mod. The reality is that this all started in one night circa 1980 after my Dad fell asleep with the explicit instructions not to watch HBO/Showtime after he went to bed.

I had seen the teaser to ALIEN earlier that night and that it started at 11pm. So, I snuck into the TV room, lights off save the screen, and turned the volume down low and unintentionally changed my life forever at age 9 or 10.   I did not walk down a dark hall again at night again until late high school, and only after I faced my fears on my birthday in 1986 by forcing myself to watch ALIENS (only 3 nights of nightmares after that).

After ALIENS I was obsessed with the universe.  The Commodore 64 version of ALIENS was the first time I merged my love of computers with ALIENS. It would not be until my first experience with Rebellion’s AvP that I would experience it on PC, but that game left me wanting for a story.  Somewhere along the way I fell in love with No One Lives Forever, so when I read that Monolith would oversee the next release of AvP in gaming that I really got excited.  At age 30, AvP2 scratched an itch that had been building for YEARS!  Soon after I completed the game, I felt the nagging feeling that such an amazing game should have been truer to the ALIENS and Predator universe on look and feel; the Marines uniforms were all wrong!  Someone should make a mod that fixed that! That someone, was me. 

I created the “Grizzly Hicks” skin, which was well received, and it was not long before I was contacted by a kid in England by the name of James Melia who wanted me to do the entire squad as the ALIENS marines.  So, we started PROJAM (Phillip R Olsen and James A Melia) mod and ended up created the ALIENS skin pack and the PROJAM armor pack for the Marines (same characters with the correct armor).  It was a huge success in the community at the time.  Purely cosmetic for the game I already loved.  I even created a skin pack to put my family and friends into the game so that when we played Multiplayer, we knew who we were killing. (Nothing like watching your own severed head roll across the map).

After that I worked on the LAST ONE OUT mod for AvP2 but sadly that Mod never made it to the world.  Years later I met Jon and Todd, and that’s when things stepped up a notch. Working with teammates that good pushes you until you are razor sharp. We had plenty of brain storming sessions that built on each other's ideas and equal number of disagreements and arguments; pushing each other for the VERY BEST. PJ 2 & 3 were good, but it would be PROJAM 4.4 however that made goal a reality when we received a mention in PC Gamer Magazine August 2005. Jon and I continued to play, and love PJ 4.4 as did a large part of the community.  We got glowing reviews and eventually the trolls made us want to stop having anything to do with the game at all. 

Two years ago, I felt the itch to play the game again, and I reached out to Jon out of nostalgia…What if we did ONE MORE UPDATE, just for Primal Hunt?  Who was I kidding?  Primal Projam turned into PROJAM 5 and PRIMAL PROJAM 2.   This is our swan song.  One last thank-you to David Stalker, Monolith, and all the AvP2 and PROJAM Fans!  We hope you enjoy what we have done, but ultimately, we did it for US.  So many little tweaks and attentions to detail you may never notice but we always will.

Stay frosty,

-    Phil “Mr. Grizzly” Olsen